List of online payday loans -You can get a payday loan online today

You can get a payday loan online today

Payday loans online via this resource from is a great solution.

Dutch regular banks apply increasingly strict rules for financing applications from small entrepreneurs. This makes it difficult for smaller companies to get a loan. While these represent a significant part of our economy.

On average, banks accept around eight in ten financing applications. This is according to the figures of the Dutch Banking Association. This involves a very critical assessment of the financeability of the company making the application.

This ensures that the entrepreneur who still needs money will look for alternative financing options. Borrowing business money without the intervention of a bank through crowdfunding, for example, grew in the Netherlands in the first quarter of 2017 by no less than 22 percent.

Alternative lenders

In 2019 there are numerous parties that offer corporate financing without a bank. These are, for example, CircleFund, OPR business credit or B2B business loan.

In our overview of business lenders there is only one official bank. Through all other lenders you can borrow business money without a bank.

No time

Does your company have to deal with long payment terms? Or do you need financing to grow? Or are there major expenditures on the way? Convincing the normal bank takes time. Lots of time and effort. And you don’t have time. It requires appointments, meetings, reports and statements until a loan may eventually be granted to your company.

CircleFund, OPR business credit, B2B business loan and Qeld are a new type of loan that makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to get financing quickly.

For every company that needs fast capital

At CircleFund you borrow business from business investors. You can apply for a corporate loan up to 250,000 euros here. And that without the intervention of a bank. B2B business loan is a similar institution where you can borrow up to 100,000 euros.

The clear pricing policy and the fixed credit compensation ensure that the monthly costs for the loan will be clear in advance.

Often money in the company account within 24 hours

Often money in the company account within 24 hours

Forget administrative hassle. You can easily apply for a business loan online in a few minutes. With approval you often have the money in your account within 24 hours.

Apply for a business loan

Apply for a business loan

Taking out a business loan is very normal. After all, you have your own business, your own business or store. Things are going well, but not well enough or not at all tasty. You even make a loss. And maybe for several or more years in a row.

What can you do now you ask yourself to make a profit or make the business run better. After all, you once started for yourself to make your dream come true. Working independently, without a boss. Nobody tells you what to do. What a wonderful feeling that is. Complete freedom in what you do. But that also has a downside. You have already invested a lot of time and money in your company, often your own savings or through family or friends have already been invested there. But it still doesn’t work. At least not the way you thought it would work.

No more profit, but loss. Or less profit than you had.

No more profit, but loss. Or less profit than you had.

You work your own round. Not 40 hours a week as an employee usually does. But much more than that. 60 to 80 hours a week are no exception for people with their own store or business. How can you change course?

Invest and grow

Invest and grow

Yes but then what. And how. Do you need to invest in more staff? Or a different look from your store? Or buy better products? Or advertise more? Or improve the quality of your products?
It is a general problem that affects many entrepreneurs.
Invest in a larger store or business premises. That is very possible. If you rent a larger store, with more space for, for example, a larger terrace or more display cases, that can give your business a boost. Or a larger business space where you can make more products or place more machines. All good options.

Everything costs money

And yes investing to grow your business, and making more profit out of it costs money. It is not for nothing that investing means putting money into it, in order to ultimately get more out of it.

Invest in more advertising, more staff, more machines or more showcases. That costs money. Money that you probably don’t have. You may have it, but it is already reserved for other things such as the tax that still has to be paid, or other items for which you have reserved the money.

Business borrowing without a bank

Business borrowing without a bank

You want to grow, make more profit. That is your ultimate goal. But before the time comes you will have to invest.
You can take out a business loan for this. And preferably without the intervention of a bank. Because perhaps you already have a loan with the bank. Then it becomes difficult to take out another loan. There are more and more alternative lenders that work with the crowdfunding principle. This form of corporate loans is becoming increasingly popular.

Where can you borrow money for your own business

Where can you borrow money for your own business

You can turn to your own bank. That is what most entrepreneurs do. Purely because they have been doing business with it for years. So you care about the goodwill and relationship that you have with that bank. Or the person who works at that bank. But make no mistake. All that kindness and that extra coffee has a price. You are in a nice expensive building with well-paid staff. As a customer, you also contribute to this. Realize that well. The costs of a business loan with your own trusted bank are often higher than that of a loan that you take out online. Sure, an online lender of business loans is unknown to you. But what does it matter? As long as you can get that business loan at a better rate than your local bank, why would you be a thief of your own wallet?

Online lenders are just as reliable as your own bank. But often cheaper. And that is ultimately what it is all about. Everything revolves around money in this world. Not because people like you at your own bank.

Take out a business loan online

At we have listed several business lenders. We have certainly listed the lenders that work according to the crowdfunding principle. Compare the various options for each lender and request quotes without obligation. You ultimately decide for yourself which loan best suits your situation.